Daniel is an ADC award-winning Director and Designer with more than 8 years of work experience
in the United States, England, Germany and South Korea. He is known for his strong visions and creativity
in the film and design field. Futuristic and science fiction projects are one of Daniel‘s expertises.Daniel started his career as a Graphic Designer at an advertising and branding studio in Hanover, Germany.

2 years after, he moved on and worked as a freelancer for the motion pictures business in Berlin.
In 2007, he got a full-time position at AKQA London to work on commercial and live action projects
for Nike and other high profile clients such as Ferrari, Coca Cola and Nokia.

Within the first year at AKQA, Daniel got the responsibility to lead his first projects independently.In 2009, Daniel moved to Los Angeles where he mainly worked on commercials and feature film projects
such as Iron Man 2, Tron Legacy, Thor, The Amazing Spider-Man and Battleship.


Beats By Dre presents Nick Kyrgios in Play Your Own Rules
Executive Producer - Ana Julfayan / Advertising Director - Diallo Marvel
Edit by RockPaperScissors / Design and FX - Daniel Kloehn

Daniel Anselm Klöhn Director Designer Animation 2D 3D Prologue AKQA Lux von Morgen Hamburg

Star Wars / Design & Animation: Daniel A. Klöhn / Produced at Blue Giant

Daniel Anselm Klöhn Director Designer Animation 2D 3D Prologue AKQA Lux von Morgen Hamburg

Qatar / Director: Adam Swaab / Designer: Daniel Kloehn / Executive Producer: Kevin Shapiro
Production Company: Wolf & Crow

Audi / Director Designer Animation: Daniel Kloehn / Animation: Heebok Lee, Jeiko Soh, Richard Powell, Daniel Kim
/ Producer: Unjoo Byarrs / Production Company: Prologue Films

Walt Disney / Feature Film Director: Joseph Kosinski / Design Direction Animation: Daniel Kloehn
Animation: Eric Demeusy,Taka Sato, Joey Park / Producer: Unjoo Byarrs / Production Company: Prologue Films

Iron Man / Designer Animation: Daniel Kloehn / Creative Director: Ilya Abulhanov / Producer: Ian Dawson, Elizabeth Newman Executive Producer: Kyle Cooper / Production Company: Prologue Films

James Bond Spectre Skyscreen AnimationProduction: Corser Inc / Director: Daniel Amseln Kloehn
Producer: Daniel Ahn, Paul Li