Virtual Production Company

It always starts with an idea. The idea becomes a file,
the file becomes a project, the project becomes human.

We are your visionary mind to create your moodfilms and concepts.
We are your personal curator to offer you just the finest artists
for your project. We are your creative companion throughout
the whole process – from idea to production.

We are Lux von Morgen




We love art. And we love people. This is why we combine these things
by offering you our lovely curated collection of art people. 
Just check them out.


Art Department

Our Art Department creates crazy good moods.
Just hand out your script and we will magically turn it
into Moodfilms, Casefilms & Director's Treatments.

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Your script is unique. We know that. And we know just the best people in
the business.  That’s why we compile an awesome task force for your production to become legendary.

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Okay. Let's do this. 
Just drop us a line and prepare for awesomeness!

Kristina & Kerstin
+49 40 60 94 58 – 620