Freelance Production Company Ad Agency Hamburg Mood Scout Pitch Moodfilm Moodcut Research Recherche Art Buying Talent Representation Art Department Look Moodcut Animatic Casefilm Ad



VAPOR CARBON ELITE Nike. Studio: Wolf & Crow. Client: Nike

HAIM “Melt” RDIO. Studio: Wolf & Crow. Client: West SF

SMILEDRIVE VW. Studio: Wolf & Crow. Client: Deutsch

SPYDER “DNA” Can-Am. Studio: Wolf & Crow. Client: Escape Pod

QF|FCB “Passion” Qatar Foundation. Studio: Wolf & Crow Client: TBWA

Adam Swaab Lux von Morgen Hamburg Representation Repräsentanz Design Animation VFX 2D 3D

& FX Artist: Adam Swaab. Studio: Wolf & CrowDirector: Matt Berenty, David Bokser, Chad Howitt

Adam Swaab Lux von Morgen Hamburg Representation Repräsentanz Design Animation VFX 2D 3D

TRON LEGACY. Design & Animation: Adam Swaab. Studio: Digital Domain. Director: Joe Kosinsky.
Creative Direction: Gmunk, Jake Sargeant. VFX Supervision: Eric Barba



Adam Swaab is a designer, animator, VFX director residing
in Los Angeles, CA.Adam studied at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design, earning a BFA in film, video, animation.

He has been in the design and animation field for over ten years,
where his work has spanned campaigns ranging from feature films to commercials and broadcast packages.

His accolades include 17 Promax,BDA Awards and an Emmy nomination.
His short animated film, "Icarus," has appeared in numerous international film festivals, including the Nicktoons Animation Festival, the Bitfilm Festival, and the Typofile Film Festival. During 2009 Adam worked primarily as an animation supervisor on Julie Taymor's film adaptation of Shakespeare's "The Tempest."


Extended Credits

Studio: Wolf & Crow
Client: Nike

Client Nike

Art Director Jacob Wilkinson

EP Noah Stanik

Producer Thea Bergeron

Production Wolf & Crow
Director Adam Swaab
Managing Director Kevin Shapiro
Producer Steve DeVore
Executive Producer Eric McCasline
Director of Photography David Wilson
Editor Kevin Clark @ Nomad Post
Post Producer Matt Olson
Post Coordinator Cole Darby
CG Supervisor Matt Berenty
FX Animators Troy Barsnes, Jason Kim, Kelly Shay
3D Modeling/Texturing Michael Dupree, Richard Daniels, Phina Kahng
Layout Alex Curtis
Compositors Chad Howitt, Travis Button, Dan Everson
Flame Brandon Sanders
Motion Graphics Kevin Stein
Audio Echolab

Studio: Wolf & Crow
Client: Escape Pod

Agency The Escape Pod

Live Action Director Shane Valdes, Wondros Films

CG Director Adam Swaab

Post Wolf & Crow
Creative Director Adam Swaab
Managing Director Kevin Shapiro
Executive Producer Eric McCasline
Post Producer Matt Olson
Post Coordinator Cole Darby
CG Supervisor Matt Berenty
Technical Director Henry Foster
FX John Kent, Rich Tepavchevich
Animation Julien Loth
Modeling Phina Kahng, Joe Grossman
Lighting/Rendering Richard Daniels
Compositing Chad Howitt, Krystal Chinn
Flame Brandon Sanders
Motion Graphics Kevin Stein

Studio: Wolf & Crow
Client: West SF

Agency West SF
Producer Terrence Sullivan
Production Wolf & Crow
Director Adam Swaab
Executive Producer Kevin Shapiro
Producer Ben Oswald
DP Adam Santelli
Post Production Wolf & Crow
Managing Director Kevin Shapiro
Creative Director Adam Swaab
VFX Artists
Matt Lavoy, Alex Curtis, Joe Grossmann, Adam Swaab

Studio: Wolf & Crow
Client: Deutsch

CLive Action
Running Footage The Cronenweths
Additional Live Action Direction Adam Swaab and Chad Howitt
CG and Motion Graphics Wolf & Crow
Creative Directors Adam Swaab and Chad Howitt
Managing Director Kevin Shapiro
Executive Producer Eric McCasline
Design Kina Choi, Jon Lorenz

Joseph Andrade, Tom Kenney, Jason Kim, Adam Swaab, Phina Kahng, Joe Grossman, Michael Dupree, Richard Daniels
Editor Chris Hall

QF|FCB “Passion” Qatar Foundation Studio: Wolf & Crow Client: TBWA

Client TBWA

CD Allan Manaysay

Production Wolf & Crow
Director Adam Swaab
Managing Director Kevin Shapiro
Executive Producer Eric McCasline
Producer Julien Lemaitre
DP John Lynch
Post Production Wolf & Crow
Post Producer Tram Le
Post Coordinators Krissy Estrada, Alex dos Santos
Designers Kevin Stein, Daniel Kloehn, Andrew Tan, Mike Tello, James Levy, Heidi Berg, C.J. Lim, Bao Nguyen, Jamie Leake, Jake Sargeant
Editor Brett Nicoletti
Flame Brandon Sanders, Chris DeCristo, Pilon Lectez
CG Supervisor Robby Branham
VFX Artists Matt LaVoy, Chad Howitt, Travis Button, Mike Dobbs, Pete Sidorek, Ian Blewitt, Johnny Lum, Jason Vega, Darrell Abney, Ben Yu, Shan Duan, Ian Blewitt, Jason Mortimer, Rachael Campbell, Mike Gajga, Alex Curtis, Jason Kim, Pota Tseng, Mike Dupree, Joao Rosa, Joe Grossman, Phina Kahng, Katie Yoon, Wendy Klein, Marco Campobasso, Matt Berenty
Color Clark Muller @ Incendio
Additional Color Wolf & Crow
Music Composition Greg Reeves @Cordovan Music + Sound
Sound Mixing Stephen Dickson @ POP Sound



Studio: weareflink. Kunde: Calphalon. Anja´s Role: Concept Design

Anja von Harsdorf Illustration Illustrator Art Director Art Direction Hamburg Storyboarding, Concept Design Lux von Morgen

RAMA. Character Design: Anja von Harsdorf. Studio: Sehsucht

MAGGI Moment Mahl. Character Design: Anja von Harsdorf. Studio: Sehsucht

Anja von Harsdorf Illustration Illustrator Art Director Art Direction Hamburg Storyboarding, Concept Design Lux von Morgen

Virtual Plein Air

Anja von Harsdorf Illustration Illustrator Art Director Art Direction Hamburg Storyboarding, Concept Design Lux von Morgen

Studio: Glassworks Amsterdam. Client: Huawei. Storyboard: Anja von Harsdorf

MAZDA “Heightened Senses” TVC. Storyboard



Anja is an Illustrator and Art Director based in Hamburg, Germany.
She focuses on storyboarding,concept design and visual development. 

Anja loves to continuously expand her artistic and conceptual
skill set to develop and visualise ideasand styles,
support a director’s vision or join forces with other artists.

Over the years, she has been contributing her work to high-profile commercial projects for brands suc has Lamborghini, Audi, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, 
Adidas, Volkswagen, BMW, Huawei, Panasonic and Montblanc.

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Artificial Rome


Sennheiser - Reshaping Excellence

Kia GT Ride

Interactive Production - Artificial Rome
Film Production - giraffentoast / Artificial Rome
Interactive Director - Patrik de Jong
Film Director - Philip Braun
Executive Producer - Lina Franke
Line Producer - John Tichatschek
Music - Michael Fakesch
Lead Agency - Heimat Hamburg
Creative Director - Matthias Stiller
Art Director - Dominik Geiger
Copywriter - Heiko Meyer
Head of Production - Nina Sophie Scheller
Etat Director - Julia Krumland

P.A.C.E. "PURSUIT ACROSS EUROPE". Agency: Interone Worldwide. 3D: Electric Umbrella

JÄGERMEISTER – FROZEN MOMENTS. Design & Concept, Creative Direction: Hi-ReS! Hamburg.
Prototyping & Realization: Artificial Rome



Interaction Design & Creative Coding

Artificial Rome was founded in 2006 as an agency for interaction design.Their clients include Adidas, BMW and Swarvoski.
With the game for BMW P.A.C.E. the team won two Cannes Lions with one of their first projects, and in the following years has amongst others been awarded by the Art Directors Club Award, the Red Dot Award and the New York Festivals. 

AR is located in Hamburg and Berlin.



Beats By Dre presents Nick Kyrgios in Play Your Own Rules
Executive Producer - Ana Julfayan. Advertising Director - Diallo Marvel
Edit by RockPaperScissors. Design and FX - Daniel Kloehn

Daniel Anselm Klöhn Director Designer Animation 2D 3D Prologue AKQA Lux von Morgen Hamburg

Star Wars. Design & Animation: Daniel A. Klöhn. Produced at Blue Giant

Daniel Anselm Klöhn Director Designer Animation 2D 3D Prologue AKQA Lux von Morgen Hamburg

Qatar. Director: Adam Swaab. Designer: Daniel Kloehn. Executive Producer: Kevin Shapiro
Production Company: Wolf & Crow

AudI. Director Designer Animation: Daniel Kloehn. Animation: Heebok Lee, Jeiko Soh, Richard Powell, Daniel Kim
Producer: Unjoo Byarrs. Production Company: Prologue Films

Walt Disney. Feature Film Director: Joseph Kosinski.Design Direction Animation: Daniel Kloehn
Animation: Eric Demeusy,Taka Sato, Joey Park. Producer: Unjoo Byarrs. Production Company: Prologue Films

Iron Man. Designer Animation: Daniel Kloehn. Creative Director: Ilya Abulhanov. Producer: Ian Dawson, Elizabeth Newman Executive Producer: Kyle Cooper. Production Company: Prologue Films

James Bond Spectre Skyscreen AnimationProduction: Corser InC. Director: Daniel Amseln Kloehn
Producer: Daniel Ahn, Paul Li



Daniel is an ADC award-winning Director and Designer with more than 8 years of work experiencein the United States, England, Germany and South Korea.

He is known for his strong visions and creativity
in the film and design field. Futuristic and science fiction projects are one of Daniel‘s expertises.Daniel started his career as a Graphic Designer at an advertising and branding studio in Hanover, Germany.

2 years after, he moved on and worked as a freelancer for the motion pictures  business in Berlin. In 2007, he got a full-time position at AKQA London to work on commercial and live action projectsfor Nike and other high profile clients such as Ferrari, Coca Cola and Nokia.

Within the first year at AKQA, Daniel got the responsibility to lead his first projects independently.In 2009, Daniel moved to Los Angeles where he mainly worked on commercials and feature film projects
such as Iron Man 2, Tron Legacy, Thor, The Amazing Spider-Man and Battleship.



Gore-Tex Experience Tour (GET) Activation Video. Role: Direction, Creative Direction. Client: Gore-Tex. Agency: The . DistilleryProduction: astronaut GmbH. Motion Design: Dave Goodall, Yino Huan. Illustration: Shotopop.
Sound: Marcel Neumann

Spec für VOX. Role: Idea, filming, editing, sounddesign
Filmed with 6 Gopro´s on a 3d printed Rig, creating the „Little Planet“ perspective…

Spec für adidas; Role: Idea, direction, editing; Camera: Stefan Karle

Mood für adidas Climacool. Role: Art Direction. Client: adidas Brand Design. Senior Designer: Nick Cline

Gore-Tex C-Knit Commercial. Role: Direction, Creative Direction. Client: Gore-Tex. Agency: The Distillery
Production: astronaut GmbH. Motion Design: Dave Goodall, Yino Huan. Illustration: Shotopop. Sound: Marcel Neumann

Portrait Kings County Distillery. Role: Direction, filming, editing. Client: Gestalten Publishers
Musik: „Needle Drop“ by Tate Peterson



Jan Schöttler is a Berlin based director & filmmaker. He creates commercials, portraits and short films in the field of sports,
contemporary culture and lifestyle. His approach is to tell things in an authentic but charming way and with a wink of the eye.
He often uses animation to enrich his storytelling and to create a compelling mix of live action footage and motion graphics. A wide network of
can-do people support the execution of even large scale ideas, that way the quality of his product keeps its' impact throughout the production process.
He holds a BA in media design and beside his love for what he does, this guy likes mountains, oceans, rock music, good coffee, Italian food,
hitting the road and to see and experience the world. And he think´s it´s weird to write about himself in third person. Er spricht auch Deutsch.
Client/Agency experience:
adidas, astronaut, Atomic, Audi, Bayrischer Rundfunk, Baiersdorfer, Brandpack, Blue Tomato, Deutsche Bank, Downdays, Friends of Friends, Gestalten, Gore-Tex, GSW Europe, InsGlück, Iggesund, John Cooper Works, Leo Burnett, Leonardo Hotels, Montblanc, NBC Universal Global Networks, NDF, O´Neill, Pro7Sat1 Productions, Redbull Mediahouse, Ravensburger, Schindler Parent, Scifi Channel, Serviceplan, Studiosus, The Distillery, Tisch13, Under Armour, Union Investment, UPC, ZDF, 13th Street

Lilian Darmono


Google Digital Garage. Creative Director: Ariel Kotzer, Martin Fleurian. Executive Producer: Agathe Cury.
Producers: Cheyne McCorkindale, Da. niel Kallberg, Sara Garcia Andersson. Art Director & Lead Illustrator: Lilian DarmonoAnimation Co-Director: Nadav Embon


Water Aid. Studio: Dazzle Ship. Animation: Abel Reverter, Romain Loubersanes

Lilian Darmono Creature Character Design Motion Design Animation Illustration Concept Art Direction Lux von Morgen Hamburg

Google Solar Impulse. Art Direction and illustration for Google Solar Impulse's social media campaign.
Studio: R/GA London

Lilian Darmono Creature Character Design Motion Design Animation Illustration Concept Art Direction Lux von Morgen Hamburg

Fiskars. An explainer video for Fiskars, a large company that makes homewares and gardening tools based in the UK.  
Studio: House of Greenland. Additional Illustration by Stephen Ong, Animation by Phil Davies.

Lilian Darmono Creature Character Design Motion Design Animation Illustration Concept Art Direction Lux von Morgen Hamburg

Buddy – Tech Detective

Animation Producer: Amber Ducker (Jellyfish Pictures)
Animation Supervisor: Boris Hiestand (Jellyfish PIctures)
Art Director: Lilian Darmono
CG Leads: Matthew Cooling, Joan Prieto, Lea Veratoro (Jellyfish Pictures)
Music by: Michael Tavera
Lyrics: Steven Santoro
Written & Developed for Television by: Jennifer Hamburg
Based on an original idea by:Chris Dicker
Director: Gary Andrews (Jellyfish Pictures)
Created By: Jon Burton, Chris Dicker, Jocelyn Stevenson
Executive Producers: Nigel PIckard, Jon Burton

UPSAn explainer video for UPS, the courier. delivery company. Studio: Witness & Co

Lilian Darmono Creature Character Design Motion Design Animation Illustration Concept Art Direction Lux von Morgen Hamburg

Ford Facebook "S-Plan". Director: Shilo. Production Company: Shilo. Creative Director: Shilo. Lead Design: Lilian Darmono. Designers: Lilian Darmono, Ann Kruetzkamp. 3D Animation: Justin Miller, Andre Vandenburg. 3D Modeling: Justin Miller



Lilian Darmono's artistic preoccupations (which she shares with life- and creativ e partner Mungo Horey)lie in the realm of imaginary worlds and creatures/characters that inhabit them.

Both sides of this coin –the sunny/cute side and the dark/sinister one – fascinate her, as  can be seen in her work.

She studied print and motion design at Swinburne National Institute of Design in Melbourne.Afte r w orking both as a fulltimer and a freelancer in Melbourne and Sydney, she moved to Londonfor a 2-year long period of working holiday.

During this time, she's worked with studios in London,
Europe, and USA, such as Nexus, Superfad Lon don, Anima Boutique, Sehsucht, Buck,Panda Panther, Lobo, Elastic, and Agressive.




Showreel 2015 Montage

Showreel 2015 Making Of

"A WALK AMONG THE TOMBSTONES". Concepts - Universal Pictures - The Molecule NY

Marco Iozzi Visual Effects Artist Matte Painting Concept Design VFX CG Lux von Morgen Hamburg

Concept work for Storm Sequence "Beautiful Creatures". Copa Studios - CONCEPT VS FINAL SHOT 

Marco Iozzi Visual Effects Artist Matte Painting Concept Design VFX CG Lux von Morgen Hamburg

"Toyota Prius" – Concept. The Artery

Marco Iozzi Visual Effects Artist Matte Painting Concept Design VFX CG Lux von Morgen Hamburg

"Lamborghini Aventador". Sehsucht - TV – Mattepainting

Marco Iozzi Visual Effects Artist Matte Painting Concept Design VFX CG Lux von Morgen Hamburg

"Lockheed Martin Manifesto". The Mill NY - TV - Mattepainting

Marco Iozzi Visual Effects Artist Matte Painting Concept Design VFX CG Lux von Morgen Hamburg

"God of War - From Ashes". Imaginary Forces. TV Game Trailer. Mattepainting

Marco Iozzi Visual Effects Artist Matte Painting Concept Design VFX CG Lux von Morgen Hamburg

"Playstation Greatness Awaits". The Mill NY. Mattepainting



Born in Italy Marco Iozzi works as visual effects artist for clients such as The Mill, Psyop,
Method Studios, Warner Bros and Dreamworks. His work ranges from VFX to cinematography.
For his work as Color and Light, CG Lead and Visual FX 3D Artist he was awarded the Gold Clio Award and VES Visual Effects Society Award for outstanding visuell effects.




Liquid – La Le Lu. Director: Musclebeaver. Production: Musclebeaver, Puls Startrampe

Kuoni Elsewhere. Client: Kuoni. Illustrations: Musclebeaver. Art Direction: Büroecco

Was tun?!. Art Direction, Animation, Illustration: Musclebeaver. Client Pro7Sat1Medien AG

The Hunter-Gatherer-Model. Animation & Design: Musclebeaver. Production: Max Brandl. Musik & Sounddesign: Sound Architecture Ltd UK

Page Boy. Client: ABC&D. Illustration: Musclebeaver

Musclebeaver Animation Design Motion Design Motion Graphics 2D Illustration Character Musicvideo Direction Lux von Morgen Hamburg

Sport Cycle. Art Direction, Illustration & Animation: Musclebeaver

KRADDY - Android Porn. Direction & Animation: Musclebeaver




Musclebeaver are the designers Andreas Kronbeck and Tobias Knipf.
Since 2005 they are busy in animation, motion graphics and illustration for clients such as
Adidas, FELD M, Green City Energy, Peta Deutschland, Red Bull, Siemens, Sony BMG.
Their work has been shown at numerous international festivals.




Telekom Manifest 2.0. Peter's part: 3D + Compositing. Post Production: INFECTED Postproduction. Komposition: Kollektiv Turmstrasse. Agency: DDB Tribal Hamburg

Peter Balicki 2D 3D Motion Design CG Animation Concept Art Lux von Morgen Hamburg

Lamborghini – Gallardo Superleggra. Styleframes: Peter Balicki. Agency: Philipp & Keuntje, Hamburg, Germany
 /Production: Sehsucht Hamburg, Germany

Peter Balicki 2D 3D Motion Design CG Animation Concept Art Lux von Morgen Hamburg

No More Tennis.  Personal Project

Diesel Jeans Video Installation. bPeter's part: Modeling and Rigging of the creature as well as manual Animation and Assignment of MoCap-Data. Client: Diesel Jeans London. Producer: Kristina Neurohr. Creative Director: Christopher Hewitt. 3D Artists: Peter Balicki, Felix Geremus, Timo von Wittken

An olive branch - cinema trailer. Agency: An Olive Branch Productions, La Optix Digital Pictures Toronto. Creative Director: Bastian Kuhn. Art Director: Petra Delitsch. Producer: Bianca Mack. Design: Peter Balicki, Terlina Lie. 3D and Animation: Peter Balicki. Compositing: Peter Balicki. Logo Animation: Terlina Lie

VTA. Personal Project



Peter Balicki does concept art, 2D & 3D design as well as animation.
He has worked for numerous clients such Mercedes-Benz, T-Mobile and Audi.
Peter lives in Hamburg, Germany.




Aspirin. Director: Rob Feng. Client: ASPIRIN

Cirque Du Soleil. Director: Rob Feng. Client: Cirque Du Soleil

Disney Fantasia. Director: Rob Feng. Client: Disney. Agency: Ichi Worldwide. Brand: Disney/Harmonic. Product: Fantasia Music Evolved. Name: Launch Trailer

Clorox 2 "Laundry Room"Director: Rob Feng. Client: Clorox 2. Agency: DDB SF

Sprout. Director: Rob Feng. Client: SPROUT

Sony "Small Truth"Director: Rob Feng. Client: Sony. Product: Handycam.
Agency: Sony Design Center

Mc Donald's "A different view"Director: Rob Feng. Client: McDonald's. Agency: DDB Alma.
Title: A Different View. Product: Southwest Chicken McWrap

Cellular South "Taylor`s World"Director: Rob Feng. Client: Cellular South. Agency: Martin Williams

Amex "Pinkberry"Director: Rob Feng. Client: American Express. Product: Plum Card. Agency: CP+G

IPod Shuffle "Clip It". Director: Rob Feng. Client: Apple Inc.
Product: iPod Shuffle. Agency: Media Arts Lap



After earning a film degree at the acclaimed University of Southern California (USC),
Rob Feng began his career in visual effects at Digital Domain’s model shop. He then moved on to production house, Brand New School where he worked as an Art Director and Creative Director before focusing full time on direction.

Rob has worked with clients such as American Express, Vodafone, Microsoft and Apple.
He recently won an Emmy Award for his work on Game of Thrones. Rob lives and works in Los Angeles, USA.




Edeka Superkeil Parodie . Author: Sara Kay Hellmers. Cinematoprapher: Lukas Ellerbrock. 
Editor: Lukas Ellerbrock, Philipp von der Dellen. Actor: Roberto Denisio

MAMA - Make her feel special every day. Ein Film von Sara & Luke. Regie & Produktion: Sara Hellmers. 
Kamera & SchnitT. Lukas Ellerbrock. Ton: Sebastian Jung

Client: C&A. Agency:and courage

Thomas Keil Imagefilm. Client: Director: Sara Kay Hellmers. Cinematographer: Lukas Ellerbrock, Philipp von der Dellen. Editor: Lukas Ellerbrock. Production: flapp

MS Dockville 2013 Aftermovie

MCT Imagefilm – Part II. Director: Dennis Dirksen. DOP: Lukas Ellerbrock. Producer: Paul Ohmert
Editor & Sounddesign: Lukas Ellerbrock. B&W Grading: Jonas Ellerbrock. Music: Niklas Kramer. Aerial Cinema: PHX Pictures Pilot: Ben Tewaag. Aerial Camera Operator: David Schlange

Client: media markt. Agency: and courage. Production:and courage



The director and cinematographer duo, Sara Hellmers and Lukas Ellerbrock, from Hamburg create extravagant content, with a good eye for detail and a great sense of style. Their movies are real and honest.

They work in a playful, unconventional and modern way. Luke has a great eye for detail and moods.
Sara loves to tell, touching, moving and peculiar stories. Together they make modern, dynamic and sometimes even magical movies.



Adidas. Visual conception for Adidas Leo Messi. Back in Barcelona campaign.
Commissioned by Radical Media, London for The Mill.

ESPN. Visual conception for the ESPN Special Olympic World Games L.A.
2015 graphics package. Commissioned by State Design, L.A.

Funkstörung. Design and direction for the music video Funkstörung ft. Anothr. "Laid Out“.

MTV Live. Visual conception for the MTV Live channel rebrand.
Commissioned by Digital Kitchen, LA.

Giorgio Moroder ft. Kylie Minogue. Art Direction for the music video "Right Here, Right Now“.
Commissioned by Parasol Island, Düsseldorf. Director: Daniel Borjesson.

Germany’s Next Topmodel. Visual conception for the show graphics package for "Germany's Next Topmodel“.
Commissioned by ProSiebenSat1 Media AG, Munich.

Nascar. Visual conception for the Nascar All-Star Race. Teaser & promo graphics for Fox Sports. Commissioned by Frame, Copenhagen.

ProSieben. Visual conception for the ProSieben channel idents.
Commissioned by ProSiebenSat1 Media AG, Munich.



Sebastian Onufszak is a German-Polish illustrator, designer and director. Since 2002 he has been working for an international range of  high-endclients in the fields of print, interactive and motion media.

His commercial works were featured in numerous design publications and exhibitions worldwide. Additionally, he is renowned for his experimental live visuals. He worked for clients as Adidas, Audi, BMW, Budweiser, Ford, IBM, IKEA, Infiniti, Jeep, Lincoln, Levi's, L'Oreal, Marc O'Polo, Mercedes, MTV, Nike, Pepsi, Peugeot, Red Bull, RWE, Seat, Sony Ericsson und Smart.




Adidas – ZX Flux. Direction: Sophie Gateau

Plenti Yoplait Sparrow. Director: Sophie Gateau

ZF. Automated Driving in Motion. Direction: Sophie Gateau

RAY-BAN. Director: Sophie Gateau. Client: Ray-Ban. Agency: Marcel, Publicis

COLORS. Director: Sophie Gateau

TED GLOBAL 2013 "IMAGINED BEAUTY". Agency:We Are Pi. Director, Editor, VFX: Sophie Gateau
Line producer & 1st Assistant Director: Lucas Posson Director of Photography : Alexandre Jamin  
Colorist: Robin Risser, Sabotage, Paris. Music Composer: Kaiser Sound Studios

LG. Director: Sophie Gateau. Client: LG

NIKE Sharapova. Director: Sophie Gateau. Client: Nike. Agency: Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam
Production Company: Paranoid US

EXPEDIA "BUSINESS TWINS". Director: Sophie Gateau. Client: Expedia. Agency: Martin Agency
Production Company: Paranoid US, Los Angeles



Sophie Gateau studied architecture and art history before focusing on graphic design and film direction at the Parisian School Ecole des Arts Décoratifs. Sophie began her career in the French fashion industry, after being recruitedby designers to create stunning live action and design-driven runway films.

Her sense of design and art direction can be directly traced to her early experiences in fashion and architecture. As a graphic artist, Sophie was recruited to work on top-tier feature films like The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions, Alexander the Great, and Wong Kar-Wai`s 2046. As a commercial and music video director, Sophie effortlessly mixes live action, animation and visual effects. Among her recent projects are spots for LG, Expedia, Nike und Kodak.




Verano Nick 2014. CLIENT MTV Networks Latinoamérica. ART DIRECTION Emmanuel Biscardi. DESIGN & ANIMATION José León Molfino

Hennessy - Fluid Simulations. Stato developed a few shots of fluid simulations for the video showcased at the Hennessy 250 Anniversary event in Berlin. CLIENT Hennessy – Opium. ART DIRECTION Joerg Zuber. ANIMATION José León Molfino

Sea of Luxury. CLIENT International New York Times | Opium. DIRECTION Joerg Zuber. 3D, COMPOSITING & ANIMATION José León Molfino

CLIENT Qlar – Opium. ART DIRECTION Joerg Zuber. 3D AND COMPOSITING José León Molfino

CLIENT TVnet – Dreambox. DIRECTION Alvaro Rego. 3D, COMPOSITING & ANIMATION José León Molfino

EVEREST PRO "BEHIND THE SEEN"Client: Everest Pro. Direction: Ayhan Cebe. Art Direction: Jimena Passadore
Design: Estudio Calendar. 3D Animation & Compositing: José León Molfino. Sound Design: ECHOLAB

HISTORY CHANNEL IDClient: History Channel LatAM. Direction: Javier De Innocentis. Art Direction: Jimena Passadore
Design: Sebastián Sarmiento. 3D Modeling: José León Molfino. CG Animation & Compositing: José León Molfino
Music: Nicoás Porta

EVEREST PRO PODIUM OPENER. Client: Everest Pro. Direction: Ayhan Cebe. Art Direction: Jimena Passadore
2D Animation & Illustration: Ceson Pelizer



Buenos Aires based José León Molfino is a 2D & 3D artist from Argentina. In 2007 he started to freelance for studios around the globe.

In 2009 José launched StatoStado with his partner and wife Jimena Passadore. Jimena Passadore is an art director specialized in motion design. Since 2000 she has been working as freelancer for international clients, developing styleframes and concept art for commercials, music videos and broadcast packages.  




PANASONIC "ECO TECHNOLOGY". Director: Timo Schaedel. Client: Panasonic. Agency: Dentsu Inc. Art Department & Art Buying:Lux von Morgen. Production Company: DONT TRY THIS AT HOME GmbH. Executive Producer: Kristina Neurohr. Post production: DONT TRY THIS AT HOME GmbH. Sound Design and Music: Supreme Music

UBARU "THE CAR PARTS". Director: Timo Schaedel. Client: Subaru, Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.
Agency: Dentsu Inc. Research: Lux von Morgen (Kerstin Lorenzen & Kristina Neurohr). Post Production Company: Lafourmi Postproduction GmbH. Sound Design and Music: Michael Fakesch

SIMMONS "DEFINITION OF SLEEP". Director: Timo Schaedel. Client: Simmons
Agency: The Secret Little Agency, Singapore. Production Company: Interrogate LA

AUTO TROPHY "STREAKS". Director: Timo Schaedel. Product: Event Packaging
Client: Verlag Bureau. FJM, Heinrich Bauer Verlag. Composer: Sebastian Zenke, Bluwi

FIAT "OCEAN". Director: Timo Schaedel. Client: Fiat India. Agency: Saints and Warriors, Mumbai
Production Company: OMG Entertainment, Mumbai. Sound Design and Music: Supreme Music

Client: Global Campaign for Education. Composition and Sound Design: SURPEME MUSIC.
Research and on set handling: Kerstin Lorenzen & Kristina Neurohr / Lux von Morgen



Timo Schaedel specializes in projects aiming at a narrative blend of live action and visual effects.
He is passionate about the story-telling beyond the realms of what you can see with the naked eye.
His extensive and hands-on experience in animation, VFX, design and photography adds a lot to his creative repertoire.

With a background as a creative director in motion design and 3D animation his transition into the world of live-action/direction came natural to him. His work has won numerous awards and appeared in publications including Young Director Award 2011,Gunn Report’s most awarded directors for "Sounds of Summer", Cannes Gold , ADC Gold, Promax Gold, Clio Silver and One Show as well as motion blur: onedotzero, Showreel 2.0 and more.



Van Data Art Director Illustrator Lux von Morgen Hamburg


Client: Google Zoo.  Production: Lux von Morgen.  Illustration & Animation: Van Data

Audi A1

Van Data Art Director Illustrator Lux von Morgen Hamburg

Personal Project



Van Data is an art director, illustrator and artist based in Hamburg. He studied communication design
at the Univeristy of Applied Siences in Augsburg Germany.

Later he co-founded one of the first online magazines for illustration named "castlemagazine". During the last 10 years he has now worked for several Ad agencies as a creative teamplayer and is currently freelancing. Due to his earlyexperiences in graffiti some of his artworks include rough parts influenced by urban impressions. Most of his pieces are handmade and produced with pencils, watercolor, ink and Photoshop. 

He works for clients in the fields of advertising, editorial, graphicdesign and motionpicture.As an illustrator and artdirector his main intention is to give special awareness to brands & campaigns through strong illustrative visuals combined with target oriented ideas.




Client: Reeperbahn Festival
Direction / Design / Animation: Vitaly Grossmann & Vincent Schwenk
Music: Audionerve

Hülsta Now. Direction & Camera & CGI: Vincent SchwenK. CGI: Matthias Lein
Sound & Camera: Jürgen Branz

Suol Teaser Till von Sein. This is a short 3D animation for the upcoming album release "Summerdaze"
by the Berlin based techno label "Suol". For this job Vince created the LP cover and the animation.

Suol Summerdaze. Short 3D animation for the upcoming album release "Summerdaze" by the Berlin based techno label "Suol".
For this job Vince created the LP cover and the animation.

Chopstick & Johnjon - Oh Mama. Direction & Camera & CGI: Vincent Schwenk

I became more. Direction & Visual - Vincent Schwenk. Audiovisual - Christopher Dierks
Text - Hendrik Schulz

This & Ther. Direction & Visual - Vincent Schwenk

Babtect Information System. Brand Design: Vincent Schwenk



So, some This and That about Vince. He is currently working and living in Hamburg. Although he loves this city (with all the different types of rain), he sometimes misses the South.

He was born and raised in Munich and as a so called „Bergdeutscher“ he spent a lot of his time hiking, biking and boarding up or down the mountains. He studied communication design in Augsburg, which gave him a decent background in all kind of media So if you ever need someone to write a letter with a feather – He is your guy.

He loves creating stuff, that’s why he is not only working for agencies and big clients but also for fun projects. Currently most of his works are 3D but sometimes he still likes to take pictures!