Edeka Superkeil Parodie . Author: Sara Kay Hellmers. Cinematoprapher: Lukas Ellerbrock. 
Editor: Lukas Ellerbrock, Philipp von der Dellen. Actor: Roberto Denisio

MAMA - Make her feel special every day. Ein Film von Sara & Luke. Regie & Produktion: Sara Hellmers. 
Kamera & SchnitT. Lukas Ellerbrock. Ton: Sebastian Jung

Client: C&A. Agency:and courage

Thomas Keil Imagefilm. Client: Director: Sara Kay Hellmers. Cinematographer: Lukas Ellerbrock, Philipp von der Dellen. Editor: Lukas Ellerbrock. Production: flapp

MS Dockville 2013 Aftermovie

MCT Imagefilm – Part II. Director: Dennis Dirksen. DOP: Lukas Ellerbrock. Producer: Paul Ohmert
Editor & Sounddesign: Lukas Ellerbrock. B&W Grading: Jonas Ellerbrock. Music: Niklas Kramer. Aerial Cinema: PHX Pictures Pilot: Ben Tewaag. Aerial Camera Operator: David Schlange

Client: media markt. Agency: and courage. Production:and courage



The director and cinematographer duo, Sara Hellmers and Lukas Ellerbrock, from Hamburg create extravagant content, with a good eye for detail and a great sense of style. Their movies are real and honest.

They work in a playful, unconventional and modern way. Luke has a great eye for detail and moods.
Sara loves to tell, touching, moving and peculiar stories. Together they make modern, dynamic and sometimes even magical movies.