Buenos Aires based José León Molfino is a 2D & 3D artist from Argentina. In 2007 he started to freelance for studios around the globe.
In 2009 José launched StatoStado with his partner and wife Jimena Passadore. Jimena Passadore is an art director specialized in motion design. Since 2000 she has been working as freelancer for international clients, developing styleframes and concept art for commercials, music videos and broadcast packages.  


Verano Nick 2014 /  CLIENT MTV Networks Latinoamérica / ART DIRECTION Emmanuel Biscardi / DESIGN & ANIMATION José León Molfino

Hennessy - Fluid Simulations / Stato developed a few shots of fluid simulations for the video showcased at the Hennessy 250 Anniversary event in Berlin / CLIENT Hennessy – OpiumART DIRECTION Joerg Zuber / ANIMATION José León Molfino

Sea of Luxury / CLIENT International New York Times | Opium / DIRECTION Joerg Zuber / 3D, COMPOSITING & ANIMATION José León Molfino

CLIENT Qlar – Opium / ART DIRECTION Joerg Zuber / 3D AND COMPOSITING José León Molfino

CLIENT TVnet – Dreambox / DIRECTION Alvaro Rego / 3D, COMPOSITING & ANIMATION José León Molfino

EVEREST PRO "BEHIND THE SEEN"Client: Everest Pro / Direction: Ayhan Cebe / Art Direction: Jimena Passadore
Design: Estudio Calendar / 3D Animation & Compositing: José León Molfino / Sound Design: ECHOLAB

HISTORY CHANNEL IDClient: History Channel LatAM. / Direction: Javier De Innocentis / Art Direction: Jimena Passadore
Design: Sebastián Sarmiento / 3D Modeling: José León Molfino / CG Animation & Compositing: José León Molfino
Music: Nicoás Porta

EVEREST PRO PODIUM OPENER / Client: Everest Pro / Direction: Ayhan Cebe / Art Direction: Jimena Passadore
2D Animation & Illustration: Ceson Pelizer