Timo Schaedel specializes in projects aiming at a narrative blend of live action and visual effects.
He is passionate about the story-telling beyond the realms of what you can see with the naked eye.
His extensive and hands-on experience in animation, VFX, design and photography adds a lot to his creative repertoire.
With a background as a creative director in motion design and 3D animation his transition into the world of live-action
direction came natural to him. His work has won numerous awards and appeared in publications including Young Director Award 2011,
Gunn Report’s most awarded directors for "Sounds of Summer", Cannes Gold , ADC Gold, Promax Gold, Clio Silver and One Show as well as
motion blur: onedotzero, Showreel 2.0 and more.


PANASONIC "ECO TECHNOLOGY" / Director: Timo Schaedel / Client: Panasonic / Agency: Dentsu Inc. / Art Department & Art Buying:
Lux von Morgen / Production Company: DONT TRY THIS AT HOME GmbH / Executive Producer: Kristina Neurohr / Post production: DONT TRY THIS AT HOME GmbH / Sound Design and Music: Supreme Music

UBARU "THE CAR PARTS" / Director: Timo Schaedel / Client: Subaru, Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.
Agency: Dentsu Inc. / Research: Lux von Morgen (Kerstin Lorenzen & Kristina Neurohr) / Post Production Company: Lafourmi Postproduction GmbH
Sound Design and Music: Michael Fakesch

SIMMONS "DEFINITION OF SLEEP" / Director: Timo Schaedel / Client: Simmons
Agency: The Secret Little Agency, Singapore / Production Company: Interrogate LA

AUTO TROPHY "STREAKS" / Director: Timo Schaedel / Product: Event Packaging
Client: Verlag Bureau. FJM, Heinrich Bauer Verlag / Composer: Sebastian Zenke, Bluwi

FIAT "OCEAN" / Director: Timo Schaedel / Client: Fiat India / Agency: Saints and Warriors, Mumbai
Production Company: OMG Entertainment, Mumbai / Sound Design and Music: Supreme Music

Client: Global Campaign for Education / Composition and Sound Design: SURPEME MUSIC
/ Research and on set handling: Kerstin Lorenzen & Kristina Neurohr / Lux von Morgen