PANASONIC "ECO TECHNOLOGY". Director: Timo Schaedel. Client: Panasonic. Agency: Dentsu Inc. Art Department & Art Buying:Lux von Morgen. Production Company: DONT TRY THIS AT HOME GmbH. Executive Producer: Kristina Neurohr. Post production: DONT TRY THIS AT HOME GmbH. Sound Design and Music: Supreme Music

UBARU "THE CAR PARTS". Director: Timo Schaedel. Client: Subaru, Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.
Agency: Dentsu Inc. Research: Lux von Morgen (Kerstin Lorenzen & Kristina Neurohr). Post Production Company: Lafourmi Postproduction GmbH. Sound Design and Music: Michael Fakesch

SIMMONS "DEFINITION OF SLEEP". Director: Timo Schaedel. Client: Simmons
Agency: The Secret Little Agency, Singapore. Production Company: Interrogate LA

AUTO TROPHY "STREAKS". Director: Timo Schaedel. Product: Event Packaging
Client: Verlag Bureau. FJM, Heinrich Bauer Verlag. Composer: Sebastian Zenke, Bluwi

FIAT "OCEAN". Director: Timo Schaedel. Client: Fiat India. Agency: Saints and Warriors, Mumbai
Production Company: OMG Entertainment, Mumbai. Sound Design and Music: Supreme Music

Client: Global Campaign for Education. Composition and Sound Design: SURPEME MUSIC.
Research and on set handling: Kerstin Lorenzen & Kristina Neurohr / Lux von Morgen



Timo Schaedel specializes in projects aiming at a narrative blend of live action and visual effects.
He is passionate about the story-telling beyond the realms of what you can see with the naked eye.
His extensive and hands-on experience in animation, VFX, design and photography adds a lot to his creative repertoire.

With a background as a creative director in motion design and 3D animation his transition into the world of live-action/direction came natural to him. His work has won numerous awards and appeared in publications including Young Director Award 2011,Gunn Report’s most awarded directors for "Sounds of Summer", Cannes Gold , ADC Gold, Promax Gold, Clio Silver and One Show as well as motion blur: onedotzero, Showreel 2.0 and more.