Van Data Art Director Illustrator Lux von Morgen Hamburg


Client: Google Zoo.  Production: Lux von Morgen.  Illustration & Animation: Van Data

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Van Data Art Director Illustrator Lux von Morgen Hamburg

Personal Project



Van Data is an art director, illustrator and artist based in Hamburg. He studied communication design
at the Univeristy of Applied Siences in Augsburg Germany.

Later he co-founded one of the first online magazines for illustration named "castlemagazine". During the last 10 years he has now worked for several Ad agencies as a creative teamplayer and is currently freelancing. Due to his earlyexperiences in graffiti some of his artworks include rough parts influenced by urban impressions. Most of his pieces are handmade and produced with pencils, watercolor, ink and Photoshop. 

He works for clients in the fields of advertising, editorial, graphicdesign and motionpicture.As an illustrator and artdirector his main intention is to give special awareness to brands & campaigns through strong illustrative visuals combined with target oriented ideas.